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Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre Winner (AU)
25 July
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18 (canon 15-16)
Human Newtype
Arabian Berber, French


He has short, blond hair, turquoise eyes, pale skin, and a lean but muscular build. At present, he's 5’10” (still growing), 165 lbs. (all muscle, no more baby fat). Quatre has no tattoos, but several scars in various places on his body. Quatre has all his limbs and digits, surprisingly, and the scars are hidden under normal clothes. He prefers to wear cotton button-down shirts, 3/4-sleeve cotton shirts, jeans or slacks and comfortable Oxfords, or other kinds of nice-looking but serviceable loafers or sneakers. Though he's quite handsome, he's too busy and too modest to be particularly aware of the fact. However, his clean-cut, sweet, placid manner tends to draw others in.


Gentle, peaceful, mild, stubborn when necessary, self-sacrificing, self-effacing, Quatre tends to think of others first, often to his own cost. He would rather let himself get shot in the head than have any of his friends or family get hurt. That is the main reason he got involved in the AC wars of 195 and 196, to protect them, and other innocent people in general. Quatre is a brilliant strategist, and also has the ability to unite others, though he doesn’t personally attribute any of this to his own abilities. Notwithstanding his downplaying of his own abilities, Quatre is a natural leader who inspires absolute loyalty because he treats everyone with dignity, respect and kindness. He loves others, especially animals and children, and has a strong impulse to help everybody, which can sometimes get him in bad situations, or on the wrong side of someone. He is also prone to misplace his trust in others, if they don't match up to what he knows they can be.

Quatre is surprisingly innocent, despite the fact that he’s had to fight and kill in countless battles.  It is a quality that his friends and family seek to protect, though they forget he can also take care of himself very well.    In spite of his gentle and loving nature, Quatre is a force to be reckoned with.  Just because he gives his enemies the chance to surrender doesn't mean he won't shoot with deadly accuracy if he needs to.  He often uses this misconception to his advantage when dealing with threats, and can be quite terrifying if pushed too far.  Anyone who intentionally hurts his loved ones, or helpless innocents, has pretty much lost the right to being treated kindly.

Quatre's decision to become a gundam pilot puts him in an interesting position, since he was raised by a Pacifist father. While he himself deplores the necessity of killing, he sees it as unavoidable as long as there are individuals who choose to oppress and murder others.

Clean-cut and adhering to some cultural Muslim mores, like the abstention from alcohol, Quatre doesn’t even swear. He's also quite cultured. He loves classical music, literature, and art. He plays the violin and piano, and has a good, clear tenor voice, though he doesn't sing in public. Playing instruments in front of others is one thing, but singing for them brings up stage-fright, and he won't do it. Often, Quatre uses music to calm himself and help him think. His mood is usually reflected in the music he is playing or listening to.

He is very forgiving of others, almost to a fault (though there are some notable exceptions). It's uncommon for Quatre to really be against, or speak heatedly of, an individual, or to openly declare that they are evil. It is therefore some cause for shock when this happens, hence the phrase, "He MUST be evil, even Quatre hates him!" Otherwise, Quatre is very sweet and giving, thinking of everyone else's comfort first. His self-denial often seems excessive to others and sometimes drives his friends crazy, but they love him anyway.


Quatre's 'powers' were only vaguely presented in the canon, but never fully explained, so with AU Quatre I've developed them somewhat. In some iterations, he has some telepathic powers, which vary in scope, while in others he is limited to empathy and small bursts of image-based thought when the emotions of those around him are extremely heightened. In terms of telepathy, speaking with those he has a connection with uses up energy, so when he is very ill or injured, he can't 'talk' for long. Otherwise, with a few individuals, distance does not seem to make much of a difference either way.

In all versions of roleplay, Quatre is an empath, and the link is particularly strong with certain people, though this is not always a matter of choice. He just 'feels' certain people more clearly than others, though he senses everyone around him in a general way. Because of his empathy, and an ability to sense, or 'see' the good in others (as well as the evil), he is not easily fooled by the masks others choose to hide behind. Charm and charisma don't impress him in the slightest, especially because this is how people usually approach the young Winner heir when they want money. Quatre tends to pick out surprising people to be members of his 'family'. For instance, because of his empathetic sight, he knew immediately that he could trust the other four gundam pilots, though he had never before met them, and initially one of them even attacked him. Without really understanding it himself, Quatre will empathetically form close bonds with certain people (the four gundam pilots being a few of these). It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, his loyalty is sealed.

Quatre always feels the pain of others around him, and of those to whom he is closely linked no matter where they are. This is usually more of a generalized sensation, more a knowledge of the pain in localized areas. With a few individuals, he feels their pain almost as strongly as they do themselves, but this is rare. Quatre has the ability to heal those around him, whether emotionally or physically. Though his presence and genuine love are often all that's needed, this is done most effectively through touch. For instance, he would take some of the physical pain of a wound on himself by touching as close to the area as possible, leaving behind a cool feeling in the area. Meanwhile, his own body experiences the pain of the wound almost as though he's injured himself. Emotional pain can be soothed away with hugs, massages, or just general loving touch, while the effects go as minor pain to his heart. The pain from the other person will stay with him for up to an hour afterward, depending on how much he takes on himself, and then fade away.

This ability is not extensive or strong at present, but it may grow with time. It takes strength to do any of these things, so if he pushes himself too hard, his mind will shut his body down to protect it, and he'll pass out for awhile. Later on, he'll have recharged somewhat and be fine.

Quatre's powers are not merely passive and gentle, however. After the wars, he discovered his ability to transfer pain to others, either directly if he is feeling pain, or through his empathy if he is feeling the pain of someone he is close to. This ability has only been used a few times in his short knowledge of it, and each time its potency has increased exponentially. Quatre transfers the pain in a brief 'shock', which will cause the person or animal on the receiving end to pass out, or at the very least disorient and immobilize them. He has even more rarely tried prolonged exposure (which will cause the receiver's system to 'overload' and shut down), and he hasn't tried to apply it to more than one being at a time. Transference of pain is a useful weapon, but at this point in time it makes him very ill and/or knocks him out, so he only uses only it at great need. Plus, it's a horrific way for anyone to die, and he is afraid of what he will become if he uses this ability too much. Quatre is very aware of his own darkness, and is consequently afraid of himself, and of losing control.

Quatre hasn’t discovered the full potential of his powers yet, and is rather reluctant to. Much of this was only discovered because he acted on instinct, or out of necessity. Few know about what he can do, and he keeps it secret from the rest of the world. If anyone outside his tight-knit circle found out about his 'abilities', it could be used against his family and friends. Quatre also considers himself to be something of a freak, and has a love/hate relationship with the very things that often make him a useful ally.

Aside from his empathetic powers, Quatre is also a gifted strategist. He has a keen mind, preferring to think before he strikes. He can easily make split-second decisions in battle or other tactical situations, but will often second-guess himself when in a more peaceful setting. Quatre can fence excellently, and is accurate and deadly with many types and makes of firearms. His style of hand-to-hand combat is largely instinctual and pieced together from training with different people whenever he can. However, while he can hold his own for a little while, he doesn't have the skills to overcome a more thoroughly trained individual on their own terms. At any rate, Quatre usually prefers to talk or negotiate his way out of a fight.


Because of his empathy, Quatre is not fond of being around of a lot of people all at once. Large crowds tend to overload him if he's very tired or sick. In spite of not liking crowds, he's terribly afraid of being left alone and abandoned by those he loves.

Quatre also deals with a great deal of self-doubt and guilt and, when he's having a particularly bad day, a heavy does of silent self-loathing. He tends to blame himself for things that aren’t his fault, or aren’t under his control, and he has a hard time seeing the good in himself, sometimes.

Quatre has a very difficult time forgiving himself for past mistakes, much harder than it is for him to forgive others. Because of this, Quatre often won’t stand up for himself when he probably should. He will therefore take a whole lot of bad treatment from others without retaliating, unless he feels there is a good reason to do so. This is partly due to his placid temperament, and also because those who do this are usually weaker than him, though they don't know it.

Like the four other gundam pilots, Quatre tends to ignore his own injuries and illnesses, and won't admit to them unless he's forced to do so. If there is anyone else in the vicinity who's badly off, he will insist vehemently that they be taken care of before he allows himself to be looked over. If he can get away with it, and it won't disrupt his performance in his various duties (in his own mind, anyway) Quatre will do his best to hide whatever is wrong. If there are important things that need to be done, or loved ones to take care of, he will work himself into the ground until he's not needed anymore.

Quatre fears his abilities being found out by outside individuals, and that knowledge will be used against his loved ones. Or that his loved ones will shun him and consider him a freak because of them. He is terrified of failing those he loves in any way, or hurting others through his own neglect or mistakes. Most especially, he fears the hurt will come through his 'abilities', because he has lost control before. Because of this, he often tries too hard to help others or protect them, when they can handle themselves. Also, in situations when he should use his abilities, he often will not, or will be too late in doing so, to the cost of others and his missions. Quatre has spent so many years hiding what he is that an almost crippling fear of discovery will come over him if someone gets too close.


The only son among 29 older sisters, Quatre was born to the wealthy entrepreneur and CEO of the Winner Corporation, one of the most powerful companies in the colonies and the Earth Sphere. His father was a good man, a hard-working pacifist, who didn’t understand his son’s desire to fight, though he loved him very much. Because of the difficulty of giving birth in the outer space colonies, Quatre’s mother died just minutes after he was born. Yet, her determination to do so, in spite of the risks, is later mirrored in her son's determination to fight against the odds.

Quatre was never told about his mother, or her death so he believes himself to be a test-tube baby, like his sisters. For awhile, he thought of himself as worthless because of this. (Babies born on the five colonies in space were born in test-tubes for the first several decades, due to unexpected complications linked to giving live birth in space.) His father kept the secret, because he was afraid (rightly so) that Quatre would blame himself for his mother’s death.

As a child, Quatre spent many hours by himself, only having two sisters close enough in age to play with, and not very often, as they were in their early teens when he was born. Therefore, he is used to solitude, though he doesn’t like it, and craves the companionship of others his age, preferring a small group of close friends. He has kept his powers largely secret, even from the rest of his family. His father knew about them to a small extent, but kept them quiet to protect his son, taking the secret to his untimely death. Because of his abilities, Quatre was tutored at home and had guards protecting him, though it was assumed this was because he was heir to a fortune and a potential pawn for kidnappers. Quatre never got to be around other people as much as he wanted, so he was naturally thrilled to meet other boys his own age, and to find out they were fighting in gundams like he was.

The order to fight for the rights of the oppressed colonies came from five rogue scientists, each having designed and built their own gundams. These enormous and destructive robots had originally been created for the completion of a plan by the head of the powerful industrial and military Barton family. One of the many asteroids towed into the Earth's orbit and mined in space for mineral resources was to be dropped on Earth. In the ensuing chaos, the gundams would overthrow the current OZ regime, thus allowing the Bartons to come in and seize control. The gundams were each so powerful, the most powerful mobile suits in existence, that the coup-detat would only need five of them. However, the scientists rebelled against the intended genocide, and found gifted pilots from each of the five colonies to send to Earth to overthrow the oppressive OZ government, though not for the Barton Foundation. The orders were changed; this was a liberation of the people on Earth, as well as the colonies. Each of the boys was chosen for their extraordinary skills as pilots, as well as their love of freedom, and their desire to protect the people of the colonies and earth.

Quatre was sent in Gundam Sandrock as Pilot 04. Until he was fifteen, Quatre had spent his entire life in the highly controlled and simulated world of the space colonies. When he finally reached Earth in his gundam, he fell in love with its wild beauty, in spite of the serious mission to fight there and in space against the OZ organization. During the course of many battles, he met all four of the other gundam pilots, gradually earning their trust and even friendship. However, at one point during the war, the colonies turned completely against them, and against his rich and powerful pacifist family, falsely accusing them of monopolizing resources. Circumstances spiraled out of control, culminating in his father's last act of defiance against the warmongers on all sides. When the colonists tried to use Winner Corporation resource satellite to build weapons, Zayeed blew it and himself up. Unfortunately, Quatre was there to witness (and feel) his father's death, and the serious injuring of his sister Iria as she tried to protect him from the blast. With this tragedy, combined with the betrayal of the colonies, and his own weakened state after almost dying in space, Quatre's mind snapped. He decided that the only way toward peace was to destroy all the weapons in outer space, and on earth. In his fractured way of thinking, the only way to do that was to construct a gundam designed by the five scientists, which had been deemed "too dangerous", even by them. The operating system, the ZERO, was meant to interface with the pilot's mind, but in a way that ended up driving them insane. Quatre was so affected that he destroyed several satellite bases and an entire colony (thankfully evacuated) before he was stopped by two of the other pilots, Trowa and Heero. In the process, he nearly killed both of them. This is arguably the deepest source of shame and regret in his life, next to the angry way he and his father parted before his father died.

Quatre was so shaken by this experience, and his own instability, that doubt threw him into a great deal of confusion about his purpose. This didn't keep him from fighting when he had to, or standing his ground, as he did when Heero later fell prey to the ZERO System. Quatre's own experiences with it meant he didn't want Heero to make the same mistakes. Luckily, he was able to break through to the other pilot in time. However, with his recent insanity hanging over him, and the colonies considering him a fugitive, he drifted for awhile, without knowing what he should do, or if the cause he had fought for was just.

Gradually, with the help of the other gundam pilots, Quatre decided he would fight to give the people of earth and the colonies to choose peace. He subsequently fought many battles, soon becoming the leader of the group of five, who at first had little to do with each other, and were content to go off and fight on their own. Quatre realized almost from the start that they should be a cohesive unit, but it wasn't until he faced his own fears and mastered the ZERO System that He was the one who truly helped them become a team, and helped them win the war.

As well as the five pilots, Quatre fights with a band of Arabian soldiers, a brotherhood known as the Maguanac Corps, all of whom are test-tube babies and not in the least ashamed of this fact. When he was younger, his views about test-tube babies in his own family, and therefore himself, were very negative. He believed that he was worthless because of the way he was created, not knowing the true nature of his birth. The Maguanacs taught him self-respect, and he helped them against an enemy in their midst. They've been fighting together on and off ever since. His trademark goggles, and title of 'Master Quatre', were both given to him by Rasid Kurama, leader of the Maguanac Corps., after the first time Quatre fought for them.

After the wars, Quatre took over control of the Winner Corporation, re-named WEI, as per his father's will. He also works with Preventers, a war-prevention organization, as a consultant, and sometimes even a field agent. He always looks forward to any chance to see his friends and work with them again, and they've grown closer as they've gotten older. Quatre still has scars, mental and physical, and carries a burden of sorrow and guilt, but he's mostly learned to live with this like any former soldier. He now lives chiefly to love and be loved, and to help re-build the earth and the colonies.

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