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A Few Questions...


(OOC post)


(OOC post)

After the fight with Tomo, and everything that's happened, Econtra has finally broken Quatre. Thinking he's too dangerous to be around his friends, he will be withdrawing from them as much as he can. Feel free to poke him, or ignore him, or whatever. He'll be watching everyone he cares about, but without posting to their journals, etc. Though he might still try to save them in the coming battle, who knows?

*audio post*

(OOC: backdated to after Q's conversation with Belldandy in her journal. Screened to Bell, but not unhackable.)

*Q's voice* Miss Belldandy, I hope this music soothes you, even a little bit. I'm just sorry I can't play this for you in person.

*Sound of first, quiet strains of violin music, continues for several movements. Whoever listens in will find him to be an excellent musician.*

(violin music is here, http://www.playlist.com/searchbeta/tracks#Bach%20violin . Bell-mun can pick whichever pieces she wants, as though Q played them ^_^)

*voice post*

*heavy breathing* Heero's in trouble..... can feel it! ....think Tomo might have him, heading to third apartment building....

*running feet*

Wufei...the male...the one...he took the girl... He's been affected, I don't know how, or why! He was headed in the direction of the offices...I have to find Heero....Wufei won't hurt her....someone please go after her....hurting Heero....have to find him!

Something's wrong...

(screened to gundam pilots, and friends of Heero Yuy)

I'm worried....Heero didn't tell me where he was going, but he isn't back yet, and...I'm worried. I feel like something's wrong, but I don't know what.

I'm going to go look for him.
(OOC: backdated to just after the Warden's evacuation post)

As per the Warden's latest post, building-levels Sor Tzu Vri Yil are being evacuated, as the Warden is going to use the space to construct a new Consulo. Miss Maria, and anyone else who has information on who is staying there currently, and further details on the Warden's actions, please let me know.

Also, if a scouting party can go through and scout out other available locations, it would be appreciated. We need to help those residents that are being moved into new lodgings as soon as possible.

(screened to OU Wufei/unhackable)

There are several empty rooms in the floors below us, and a few on our floor- Om. If you need help moving, I'll be glad to provide it.

More Friends Gone


They're not here anymore.

Selphie.... Nocturne is still here, but she's not.

Johann.... I should have spent more time with him. There was so much to learn, about my powers, about him....he was so kind to me. I didn't thank him enough...

I never got to get to know Miss Jaina any better. I wanted to, but this place...

Lyle was so good...he had such a bright soul. He's gone, and...and I don't know if they've gone home. I miss him...

Wufei....Allah, I.... After what I did to him, and....I never got to say goodbye.... I may never get to explain...

List of Missing Persons

(screened from Joker and other enemies/unhackable)

This list will be added to and changed as we gather more information. If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any of those listed, please respond here or in my post on the main comm.

Dr, Johann Krauss
Genjo Sanzo Found.
Cho Hakkai (possibly disappeared)
Son Goku
Selphie Tilmitt Gone...

Sakura (accounted for) and Syaoran. There are two Sakuras, so I'm quoting one of her friends' description- "There's nothing that sets my Sakura-chan apart from the other Sakura-chan, but Syaoran-chan has puppy ears and tail."

Alice Elric Accounted for.
Yao Ling Accounted for.

Status Report

All residents please respond here, or in my post on the main comm, with your status and needs. Also, any other residents you think or know may be missing or injured.

There has been damage to several of the buildings, we need as thorough a report on that as well. There may be residents that have been trapped, or are homeless. Volunteers will be needed to rescue and/or house them if necessary.

Help will be dispatched as soon as possible. Please...everyone, be as safe as you can, and stay together....

(screened from the Joker and all enemies/unhackable)

The Joker has gotten loose, and his location is currently unknown. Anyone with information, please let me know.

(OOC: This will also be on econtra_rpg, backdated to the end of the mod plot because I had no internet >_< Sorry!)


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